Timetable 2017/ 2018

BABIES Thursday 4.00pm OR Friday 4.00pm OR Saturday 9.30am
PRE PRIMARY Wednesday 4.30pm & Friday 5.00pm OR Thursday 4.15pm & Saturday 10.15am
PRIMARY Monday & Wednesday 4.15pm OR Thursday 5.15pm & Saturday 11.15am
STANDARD 1 Monday 5.15pmThursday 4.45pm
GRADE 1 Monday & Wednesday 5.00pm OR Tuesday & Friday 4.15pm
GRADE 2 Monday 4.00pm & Wednesday 5.00pm
STANDARD 3 Monday 6.15pm & Wednesday 5.15pm OR Tuesday 4.15pm & Thursday 5.45pm
STANDARD 4 Monday & Wednesday 6.00pm  OR Tuesday 5.15pm & Thursday 5.45pm
STANDARD 5 Wednesday 5.30pm & Saturday 12.15pm
STANDARD 6 Tuesday 6.15pm & Thursday 6.45pm, Pointe Work class Thursday 5.45pm (Optional)
GRADE 6 Tuesday 6.15pm & Thursday 6.45pm OR Monday 5.00pm & Thursday 7.00pm, Pointe Work class Tuesday 5.15pm (Optional)
INTERMEDIATE FOUNDATION Monday 6.15pm & Wednesday 6.15pm & Friday 5.15pm
INTERMEDIATE Monday 7.30pm & Wednesday 6.15pm Thursday 7.15pm 
ADVANCED 1 Tuesday 7.30pm & Thursday 7.30pm & Friday 6.30pm
ADVANCED 2 Tuesday 7.30pm & Thursday 7.30pm & Friday 8.00pm
SCHOLARS CLASS Saturday 11.15am
POINTE WORK CLASS Tuesday 5.15pm (Grade 6 – second year students & Majors) & Thursday 5.45pm (beginners Standard 6 & Grade 6)
PAS DE DEUX Saturday 10.15am
REPERTOIRE Monday 7.00pm
ADULT LADIES & MEN (beginners) Monday 8.00pm &/OR Tuesday 7.30pm &/OR Wednesday 8.00pm
KIDS Thursday 4.45pm &/OR Saturday 11.00am
TEENS Monday 8.00pm &/OR Friday 6.30pm
MAJORS Monday 8.00pm &/OR Wednesday 7.30pm &/OR Friday 6.30pm
KIDS Tuesday 4.30pm &/OR Friday 4.30pm
TEENS & 11+ Tuesday 5.30pm &/OR Friday 5.30pm
INTER/ADV Tuesday 6.30pm & Friday 6.30pm
CONTEMPORARY (INTER/ADV) Monday 8.00pm &/OR Wednesday 7.30pm &/OR Friday 6.30pm
STRETCH & CORE Saturday 12.30pm
SPANISH Tuesday 7.30pm & Thursday 7.15pm (Advanced) Wednesday 8.00pm & Friday 6.30pm (Intermediate)
WOMEN & MEN Thursday 8.00pm
LADIES Monday 10am & Thursday 9.30am
LADIES – LATIN WORKOUT Wednesday 9.30am
WOMEN & MEN Tuesday 11.30am
PILATES Day and time to be announced shortly